Writer, poet, chicken lover and clown Bryn Marlow writes a monthly column for The Community Letter, rumored to be the nation’s oldest continually published gay periodical.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear the pain your children are putting you through. However, it’s nice knowing there’s someone who can relate to me. My grown children stopped speaking to me 6 years ago when I divorced their mother. I now have two granddaughters and a daughter-in-law I have not met. I think their mother convinced them I used her, wasted her whole life, etc. She’s the victim and I needed punished! The last words my daughter said were “My only solace is knowing some day you’ll burn in hell”. That’s a pretty hard pill to swallow. If interested in hearing the rest of my story, you can go to http://thegaymenproject.com/2013/07/02/a-note-from-stan-in-louisville-ky/. Thanks for listening, and I wish you the best.

    • Thanks, Stan, for sharing your experience. These are stories that need telling. Yours, mine, your kids’ and mine, our former spouses. We all have stories to tell and as we do so, our voices blend into one very human song. Here’s the thing: I am not responsible for others’ stories; it is my own I must tend, my own voice I must employ. You’re doing this. I read your longer linked post. You speak with verve. Good journeys to you. To the family that claims you and those who are missing out, pursuing their own path. To the love that is coming your way.

  2. Hi Bryn,

    David and I found a piece you wrote in a recent edition of the Word. It listed your website and I have visited a couple of times. I really enjoy your writing a lot. Thank you so much for sharing it. Hope you and Dave are well. David (David Bird – Bear) is doing well. So am I. – Jeffrey Fillion

    • Jeffrey, Thank you for taking the time to comment. As wired as our modern world is, how much we need connection. Thank you for modeling the courtesy of touching base, leaving a comment, passing forward the grace extended your way. Glad to hear you two are thriving. Dave and I celebrate 18 years together this month, as well as the ninth anniversary of our official marriage ceremony. We are doing well, and find ways to express gratitude every day for the experience/adventure of living. Continued good to you. (For the record, the greater Indianapolis area is covered by two LGBT-founded news monthlies, The Community Letter and The Word. My monthly column appears in the former.)

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